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Spy Skills for Girls

Sooner or later, every girl needs to do a little spying.

Why is your sister acting strangely? What is that sneaky boy hiding in his backpack? To find out, you need skills. Spy skills.

Spy Skills for Girls is packed with the kind of spy skills a modern-day girl needs, such as:

  • how to shadow a suspect in the mall;
  • how to create a disguise;
  • how to use everyday gestures to send another Spygirl a message;
  • what to pack in a spy bag;
  • plus all the basics like codes, fingerprinting, message drops and more.

This easy-to-read book is perfect for young girls who love spying and want to know the very best techniques. Some books include long lists of every possible spy skill – Spy Skills for Girls only includes the ones that work better than all the others. Every tip and trick in this book has been tested and really works!

You and your best Spygirl friends will be ready to start spying right away!

This is the newly updated second edition – the first edition sold over 8,000 copies to Spygirls around the world.

Visit the Spy Skills for Girls website for more tips and activities.

Buy now! Available as eBook, paperback or hardcover through Amazon, Kobo, Chapters/Indigo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or ask to order through your local bookseller. 

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