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Welcome to Bright Green Books! We specialize in books for children. Our titles include both fiction and non-fiction.

Some children are natural readers. For others, getting into the groove of reading takes more time. Unfortunately, this often means that the books available at their reading level involve characters and content for a far younger audience.

An example would be a girl in grade four, reading at a grade one level, only able to find books about princesses when she’s ready for a more complex adventure.

Children who are reluctant readers, enrolled in language immersion programs or studying English as a second language are in a similar situation – searching for high concept stories at a lower reading level.

Some excellent publishers are providing this type of content for middle grade, teen and even adult audiences. In our experience, there is very little for younger readers, which is exactly when the love of reading can easily be created, or lost.

Our goal is to publish engaging, exciting, readable books for children ages 7 to 10. To contact us, please email info@brightgreenbooks.com.

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