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Spy Skills for Girls

Sooner or later, every girl needs to do a little spying. Why is your best friend acting strangely? What does that sneaky boy keep hiding in his backpack? To find out, you need skills. Spy skills.

Spy Skills for Girls is packed with the kind of spy skills a modern-day girl needs, such as:

  • how to shadow a suspect in the mall;
  • how to create a realistic disguise;
  • how to use everyday gestures to send another spygirl a message;
  • what to pack in a spy bag;
  • plus all the basics like codes, fingerprinting, message drops and more.

ePub (Sony, Nook, Kobo) and text formats are available for sale at Smashwords.

Or buy through your favourite eBook retailers: iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and  Diesel.

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      I’m not sure which website you bought it through, or the device you are trying to read with, but would like to help. For example, if you bought through Amazon and are trying to read it on their Kindle, they may have some help through the Amazon website to help with those technical issues.

      However, if Amazon can’t help, please feel free to email us directly at and we’ll do our best to figure out how to get you a copy that works for you.

      1. Thank you for the help, we were able to make it work now with the help you sent in your email. Thanks again!

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